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Walks 'n' Wonderings

As I touched upon in my last piece, my deep love of Highbury Park was forged when on a ‘Walk ‘n’ Wonder’ event, ran by Sherri Meese last Autumn. These wonderful walks bring a sense of peace to all who come along; they are a chance to reset in nature, practicing mindfulness techniques as we walk and wonder at all Highbury has to offer. The most recent was on 1st of August, as we celebrated Lughnasadh / Lammas, the first of the Celtic harvest celebrations. We began in the meadow, spending time with the Hawthorn on the edge, and ended under the huge Oak Tree in the centre of the park. Here, we noticed a Rowan was growing from the very trunk of the Oak, offering its late summer berries to be harvested by birds and other wildlife. This felt particularly poignant, as in the Celtic Zodiac, the Oak is the Birth Tree of Sherri and the Rowan is my own. It was a wonderful morning of reflection and calm, enabling us to connect with others safely whilst also forging community.

You can contact Sherri on Instagram @walk_n_wonder if you would like to find out more. There are many plans a-foot!

Lockdown has enabled me to connect so much more with nature, to really feel it and bask in all it has to offer. I've spent hours and hours in my local parks, grounding my mind and body, laughing with friends, playing my drum and sometimes getting lost in the labyrinthine pathways.

With love and blessings,

H x

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